Applying to Grade 1

"The most important thing is that they like going to school."   
You can also read Katalin Dobrovitzky's thoughts in the article: "Choosing a School or a Teacher?"

Applications for Grade 1 for the school year 2023-24 closed on 24.02.2023.   
Depending on the number of places available, we will organize an additional entrance exam after 20 August.

For further questions, please contact us at

For applicants for Grade 1 in the academic year 2024-25:

Scheduled dates: 

  • Information afternoon for interested parents: 7 November 2023.

  • Open day for parents: 21 February 2024.  Participation is subject to registration. The registration form will be available here on the registration page a few days before the event. A link will also be sent by email to all applicants for the first class of the next school year.

Steps of the admission process:

  • Uploading the application form and other documents. Complete documentation is a condition for participation in further events.

  • Yom Shishi's afternoon playdate - the older children from elementary school are inviting the applicants to join board games and playful activities. This event will be attended by children accompanied by parents on one of the specified dates. Registration is expected in early January. Dates coming soon.

  • "0" Playhouse - 3 March 2024, in the morning - The aim of the program is to get to know children and their parents. Children will participate in small group sessions led by our teachers, where they will engage in playful, drawing and physical activities. Teachers can gain experience to design their future classes. At the same time, parents are invited to a discussion with the school leaders and some of the teachers.

Final deadline for applications: 23 February 2024 - with full documentation

Only fully completed applications received by the deadline will be considered for the spring admission process, late or incomplete applications will be considered for the summer additional entrance exam, depending on availability.

Parents of candidates for first grade are asked to fill out the following forms on the application platform by the application deadline (23 February):

  • Cover Letter - Why is it important for a family to belong to a Jewish educational institution? 

  • Please indicate your family ties.

  • Parent questionnaire for first grade candidates (will be available from mid-December.)

  • Declaration - compulsory schooling/school readiness

Applicants will be informed of the admission decision before the enrollment dates of the local district schools.

For further information, please visit the website about:

Inquiries about admission are welcome at